SWAP Foster Care News

SWAP Foster Care are very busy and working hard to support all our children in placement and fostering households.

We currently have 32 approved fostering households and a 5 new households in various stages of the assessment process.

We are preparing for upcoming events and looking forward to seeing you all again!

Foster Care Support Group Meetings

We are excited to announce that FCSGM will now go back to face to face meetings. We look forward to seeing you all.

Dates for FCSGM:

08th June 2022 10.00am – SWAP Office

13th July 2022 10.00am – SWAP Office

14th September 10.00am – SWAP Office

Regular Foster Care Support Group meetings (FCSGMs) provide a helpful, supportive much needed opportunity for our Foster Parents to talk about fostering issues with other carers. Foster Care Support Groups are often attended by carers who have experience, knowledge and expertise which they have accumulated through many years in fostering and can share with you and you can learn from. These carers can offer valuable support to less experienced Foster Carers.

The feedback we get from our foster carers is that they really value these meetings saying that, it is a valuable learning opportunity in a very relaxing setting where they can discuss any issues about fostering without being judged.

At Swap Foster Care our (FCSGM) meetings are generally held every 2nd Wednesday of the month; it is a chance to come and join other Foster Carers to have a cup of tea or coffee maybe a Biscuit a cake or, a piece of fruit and have a chat and learn from each other!

(Informal Support groups):
Foster carers are also encouraged to form informal networks/groups, sharing contact details with each other, having someone available to have a chat with, perhaps meeting at each other’s home for a coffee and a chat or, maybe joining up as a small group and going for a picnic, to the Cinema or, other social environments.
Whether informal or, formal FCSGMs our foster Parents say they find these meetings really helpful, learn the most from them through shared ideas and strategies and the benefit of knowing they are part of our fostering family and are never alone!